Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Back on Blogger and Yes, Those Are My Shoes in the Oven

Hi, I'm Kim and I hope to get to know lots of folks here at Barefoot Paleo.
Last year, my husband, Brian (Hubs), and I turned our entire health and diet philosophy upside down. We started eating a Paleo diet and joined up with the insanity that is CrossFit. We no longer consume grains, most dairy, legumes, processed foods, nor most sugars.  We go to the most amazing gym where, for example, last night we did a workout that consisted of 100 slamballs, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and 100 air squats.  It has made for the most astounding transformation for both of us and I want to share what we're doing with anyone who will listen.  We both really get lots of questions and are happy talk about what is working for us.
As for being back on Blogger, a  couple years ago, I started a blog about the little townhouse we were building.  Writing was fun and interesting (well at least it was to me), but we've been in what I call the towncasa for almost 2 years. Anything interesting about its construction is long past writing about.  I think I had about ten posts and just drifted away, hoping someday to find some reason to start blogging again.
But Holy Smokes and a Cow...do I have something to write about now!
Brian is a smart guy, who is usually right about almost everything important.  He points out, quite frequently, that I don't write stuff down.  I get  little lectures on how if there is a metric attached to something, I am sure to avoid it.  He also likes my cooking; I am always missing an ingredient or 2 (you got it...because I don't write stuff like grocery lists down) and have to deal with whatever we have on hand.  I forget what I did, of course.  I know it makes no sense to enjoy writing, but never write down important stuff.  I guess that is where the 'metric' comment comes into play.  We're all wired up a little differently.
I will admit that I like to cook and I am a really good at it. I also like to share recipes when I can remember them.
So what a great idea to start up a blog...I get to write, Blogger keeps up with it for me, and maybe I can help some folks out along the way.
Here is the really good stuff:
Hubs feels better than ever, to be sure.  He looks awesome, even though he has always been super cute.  He has embraced CrossFit like no other fitness program he has been involved with and, trust me, there have been many. 
I have had a bunch of back pain for a really long time.  I am pretty much pain free and quickly getting into the best shape of my life. Yep, and at the age of 54, I am in the gym doing my best to keep up with everybody.  In August of 2012, I was wearing a size 12, needing to wear a 14 sometimes but refusing.  Today, eight or so months later, I mostly wear a 4, and you know, resent it if I have to get a 6.  I have no idea how much weight I have lost because, er, that is a metric right?  There be muscles all over me now that I never had before, Matey.  And I am on a mission to get some more.
SO please stick with me here,  because gee whiz, I've told you how old I am.  Seriously, if I can do this anyone can and I hope you'll spend some time learning this stuff with me.
Oh and before I forget.  Those are my very first pair of Olympic weight lifting shoes there in our oven.  They have this special stuff in them that turns to goo when heated.  When you put them on, fresh from baking at 200 degrees, they form a custom fit.
Well, I did say I like to cook.  : )
Take good care, k.

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