Saturday, October 26, 2013

Not on the List...

This little post has nothing to do with the list I made up yesterday.  I know.  But I do get side tracked.  A lot.

Woo-hoo!  Three days in a row blogging and this is getting fun.  And maybe I will let folks know that there are some more posts here when I have a few more up.  The Blogger site, which I am using since it is free and that's a good price, has this nifty counter thing where you can go and see how many hits your blog has gotten.  Now I am not a record keeper and don't really shine at adding a metric (as Hubs reminds me of on a daily basis) to anything, but this counter did show me something.   Back in August, the folks at Paleohacks shared my story and lots of people visited here.  Like over 1000.  That tells me a couple things.  1) There is a ton of interest in the Paleo life style.  2) I am a total slacker.

So, with lessons learned and opportunities lost, I start again.  We are heading down to Disney's EPCOT park for a fun day and evening at the wine festival.  I've never been to a Disney park.  True.  And we've lived in Central Florida for over three years now.  I went to the Universal Theme Park for the first time ever with Hubs and his sister's family a few weeks ago and had a swell time.  Today's adventure will also include a visit with my very great friend, Christini, and her husband who is with the band 38 Special.   (He's the cute guy with the beard...and wait 'til you see Christini!)  I know I can't wait to see her again and hear this iconic band.

It is nice not to miss  an opportunity.

More tomorrow and I will get to my list...take good care, k.

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