Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wayward Blogger

One thing I am really good at is staying busy.  One thing I am really bad at lately seems to be making it count for something.  Back in May, I started this blog in hopes of sharing ideas on the Paleo lifestyle that Hubs and have found to be so helpful; now I see the whopping two entries I've posted. At least I think I've been very busy and could prolly list a bunch of things that have happened or we/I have done, but writing has obviously not been one of them.

Now the other day, a fabulous new cookbook arrived at our door via Amazon Prime.*  The book is full of  happy hour recipes that I can't wait to try, but the thing that struck me is that the author, Kelly Milton, discusses her struggle with eating Paleo and how making a vow to write in her blog every single day for 30 days helped her stay on track.
So...many thanks to Kelly for giving me a couple of ideas on resuming this blog!  

The first one is:

I do solemnly promise to write a post in this blog every day for thirty days.  

Okay.  Now I gotta do it.  I never break a promise.  (Almost never.)

The second one is:

I started out with the intention of writing stuff to help people and I am gonna do it.

Yes, indeedy, even though we haven't really struggled around here to eat well and stick to 'primal ways', I keep hearing from friends and family who just basically fall off of the wagon.  It's a little hard for me to understand because I seem to become more enamored with it all as I feel better and (I'm told) I look better. And there's bacon involved.  Srsly. 
Both Hubs and I really and truly want to help folks with this.  He has read lots on the science behind food sensitivities, immune response, cholesterol, insulin (hormone stuff) and basically how misinformed we are about nutrition in general.  I read and re-read Robb Wolf's books, blog, and Facebook page all of the time.  I also read chapter 5 of Mark Sisson's book, The Primal Blueprint, and got the bejeebers scared right out of me. Most of us are very sick and we don't even know it.  So to continue our mission, here's my idea:

A few years ago, when blogging really took off, lots of folks started out by writing 25 things about themselves.  During my teaching days, I would have the kids in my classes write 10 things about themselves as an ice breaker.  It was usually like pulling teeth from worms on hot rocks, but what wasn't? Guessing that grown-ups need to up the ante a bit,  I've decided that is what I will do...come up with a list of 25 Paleoish things that we've done in a post (tomorrow)  and then elaborate on each one on subsequent days.  (Remember that I said I'd been so busy I could prolly write a list!)  Including this post, that should bring me up to 27 of my 30 goal of writing for 30 days.  Shazam!  So plans do come together.

And I will most likely start to squirm as if on a hot rock immediately because now I'm committed.  

Take good care, k. 

*If you haven't checked into Amazon Prime...please do.  For a small yearly fee, it's like one of those shopping clubs without having to traipse through a store that spans acres and acres to score huge amounts of paper products.  Yep, your toilet tissue comes right to your door 2 days after the order is submitted with free shipping and no sales tax**.   We're pretty sure CappiDog will stop barking at the smiley boxes that arrive; she just has to get used to stuff.


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