Thursday, November 14, 2013

Collective Consciousness

I've had a bit of a struggle keeping my promise to myself to write in this blog everyday for a month.  Clearly, I just haven't done it.  Lesson learned, time and time again...I am one who takes on more than she can do.  Sometimes a post takes me more than a day to write.  Sometimes my words won't come. Sometimes there's a bridge run in Key Largo and I just gotta go.  (That means that Hubs and I just got back from a seriously fun time that involved goofing off and running.)

Being ashamed of myself for a promise not kept, I was wondering where to start again when Hubs sent me this post by James Clear: Announcing the Become a Writer Challenge.  Now James is a guy who seems infinitely wise to me...he is always seeking to become better; at his health, at his writing and at his photography.  And it was just perfect that he made this challenge for November, right after I had challenged myself to start writing. (What a coincidence.)  In reading his challenge, I realized what I should have done is what many of his devotees did realize; daily blogging is a lot,  They committed to write only on Fridays or maybe a couple times per week. So everyone is smarter than I am.  No problem.  I am totally cool with that. I will write when I can since the purpose is to share experiences, not to fret  that what I say won't be good enough.

I scrolled back in the Blog of James Clear and found another post: Do Painful Things First. Now oddly enough, a few days before, Hubs had made up a workout of all the stuff we hate to do; you know the painful stuff.   Well, these kinds of coincidences often send me into fits of Google searches.  And I ponder life, the universe and everything for quite a long time.  I wonder about these threads that seem to weave us all together. And then I run across a bunch of stuff by Carl Jung which almost explodes my brain.

So then I get out the Pottery Barn catalog and take a little trip through Decor Land.  It's so lovely there and I am really just that shallow sometimes.  

Now I am a bit fearful of going back through James Clear's blog.  He could just have the number to my little corner of universal coincidence. That means thinking and reading about hard things which I am really, actually pretty cool with doing.  It's just that I freak out a little bit when I think big. Or run into a quote like this one by Carl Jung...

In my case, Pilgrim's Progress consisted of my having to climb down a thousand ladders until I could reach out my hand to the little clod of earth that I am.

Yep.  Life, the universe and everything.  And the analysis of Dr. Jung.

I will be back on track with my Paleo blogging; just had to think a bit and regroup.  James also inspired me to get my own domain name through Word I did.  Hopefully, I will have this Blogger blog redirect to my site very soon!

I am excited to take this writing challenge.  I hope to collect some ideas (and readers) along the way.

Take good care, k. 

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