Saturday, November 2, 2013

For Fred

Oh wow!.  I am so excited.  I have two nice comments on a couple of my blog posts/.  Yay!

Fred, from the UK, mentioned that he eats his grassfed beef concoctions all week and he hopes to liven them up.  There is never any need for Paleo to be boring, My Friend!  And I love to have leftover stuff.  Don't you find that the flavors get better and better?

Check out the chuck roast in the picture, I think it weight about 4 pounds with the was so good and so easy.  I put 3 strips of bacon in the bottom of my slow cooker, salt/pepper on the roast, plopped it on top of the bacon and put on the lid.  It cooked on low for 8 hours.  All by itself with no intervention from me.  Srsly.  (This is hard because I like to pester stuff while it's cooking.)

I had a little vegetable roasting session the day before that made lots, so I could just serve different vegetables with the roast over the several days it took us to eat it.  Here's a PDF for roasting vegetables that I did for the folks at Paleohacks

Hope this helps a bit.  And please leave comments and ideas if you like.  It's so much fun see them and maybe we can help each other!

Take good care, k.

PS  OMG...I actually figured out how to embed a PDF and it works.  Woo-hoo!

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  1. Hi Kim - Thanks for this post - the chuck roast looks gorgeous - any left? Will start roasting vegetables now I have the primer.
    I have become snagged up with the gluten summit this week at Yesterday's conversation with Natasha Campbell Mcbride of GAP diet fame was phenomenal - we are all essentially Microbiome farmers or at least we should be if we wish to live in vigorous good health to 100+.Must revisit Dr BG AHS2012 video.
    You are right Paleo should never be boring - this morning's breakfast - bacon, black pudding(blood sausage?),onion, bell pepper tomato (last from garden) fried at low temp in grass fed tallow , scrambled eggs parsley and chives cooked with Kerrygold butter not milk.....mmm
    again Thanks for the inspiration Kim...................Rgds Fred